Why Happiness?

Happiness matters – here’s the proof

What is happiness?   It’s hard to define – after all, it’s just a word, which might mean different things to you and me.  Yet happiness is often on our wish-list, and even valued more highly than other common goals like wealth and success.  Parents, when asked about their hopes for their children’s future, will often answer that the most important thing is for them to be happy.

Whatever it means to you, it’s a pretty universal goal throughout the world – ‘the pursuit of happiness’ is even listed as one of the rights of mankind in the US Declaration of Independence.  Though I might take issue with Thomas Jefferson over the implication that it’s an elusive goal . . . I prefer to think of happiness as a companion on life’s journey rather than a destination.  Tuning in to our innate happiness – and learning skills that help us to do so more readily – can lead to significant changes in our wellbeing.

Psychologists and scientists have researched the effects of human happiness, and have come up with some powerful evidence for the impact that positive emotions can have on our lives.  (Take a look here for more evidence of the massive difference that happiness in the workplace can make).

  • Physically – we have more energy, a stronger immune system, and a longer lifespan
  • Mentally – we’re more resilient and less likely to suffer from stress and anxiety
  • Socially – we have better relationships, closer friends, and feel more connected to the world

Even more, they’ve concluded that the wider community and society can benefit, as people who feel good are more likely to do good, by helping others.  Compelling reasons to be happy!

Happiness is at the heart of my coaching, training and group facilitation.  Whatever issues we face, taking care of our health, connecting with other people, doing the things we feel motivated and inspired by, and developing a positive mindset can help us to cope with challenges and live happy, fulfilled lives.

‘In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.’ – The Dalai Lama