Happiness Groups

Do you believe that happiness matters?  

Do you want to be part of building a happier society? Creating a group to focus on happiness and well-being is a great way to spread the word and put ideas into actions.

The Kendal 3D Happiness Group meets monthly for Discussion, Development and Discovery.  It’s a forum to share ideas, make friends, support and encourage each other, learn something new and get inspired.

Tea, cake and laughter guaranteed!

What people say

‘Having time and space to reflect on happiness, to discuss what it means to us and how we get more of it, has actually made me happier’ – group member

‘I value sharing different experiences and perspectives, and taking time to really think about and focus on happiness with other people’ – group member

Think, talk and feel happy . . .

Kendal 3D Happiness is registered with Action for Happiness, a national movement for positive social change.  The group is co-facilitated by myself and fellow Happiness Coach Neal Anderson, using principles from the work of Dr Robert Holden and other powerful elements from the school of positive psychology.  Expect lively, practical and thought-provoking workshops exploring a variety of topics related to happiness, such as:

  • abundance or scarcity – what’s your mindset?
  • the power of forgiveness – letting go of grievances
  • gratitude journals and other ways to give thanks
  • happiness now – appreciating the present
  • committing to goals and celebrating achievements
  • whole body happiness

If you’d like to join our group or are interested in our support to set up a new Happiness Group where you live, please get in touch for further details.