The Happy Manifesto comes to Cumbria!

I’m delighted to be involved in organising an exciting and high-profile event taking place later this year, aimed at putting Cumbria at the forefront of raising happiness in the workplace.

Cumbria Coaching Network is pleased to welcome Henry Stewart, author of The Happy Manifestoas keynote speaker to their Coaching for Happiness Conference on Friday 21st September 2012 at Carus Green Golf Club, Kendal.  Henry Stewart is the founder and Chief Executive of Happy Ltd., the computer training company which has been rated as the best company in the UK for customer service (Management Today) and for five years running is one of the top 20 workplaces in the UK (Financial Times).  Henry was selected for the Guru Radar Thinkers 50 List, the definitive listing of the world’s most influential business thinkers.  He is leading the way on workforce happiness and productivity, and is also well known for his lively and engaging style of delivery as a trainer and public speaker.  

Businesses and organisations have a huge dilemma in shaping their culture.  Business owners or managers want control when it suits them, yet at other times they want people to use their initiative and come up with their own solutions.  Employees may become confused and disillusioned, and this can have a negative impact on productivity and customer service. Effective coaching can help resolve this dilemma! The principles that Henry Stewart puts forward in The Happy Manifesto are a sure way to develop an organisational culture that values happiness and productivity throughout the whole workforce – of even more crucial importance in these tricky times of recession and restructures.

Some of Henry’s 10 Principles in The Happy Manifesto such as Make Your People Feel Good and Be Open and Transparent seem like common-sense ways of good working practice that we aspire to, but so often struggle to deliver on.  Others such as Recruit for Attitude, Train for Skill and Love Work, Get a Life are more unusual.  However, what makes The Happy Manifesto special is that Henry Stewart is a successful businessman who has developed his 10 Principles from realistic and practical experiences within a successful organisation.  He has an authentic story to tell of how these principles work for his own business, and how they have been adopted by many other companies.

Cumbria Coaching Network comprises a group of individuals who live or work in and around Cumbria, and who have a personal or professional interest in coaching.  We hold monthly professional development meetings to promote excellence in coaching and develop our skills – new members are always welcome!  The Network includes members from many different backgrounds, including business leaders, HR professionals, executive coaches and life coaches.  We will be offering a range of interactive and thought-provoking workshops at the conference on the topics of happiness, stress management and developing resilience, which will complement the keynote speaker’s main themes.

The Coaching for Happiness Conference can be booked by emailing, or ringing Beth Curl on 07789 515868 or Mark Basey-Fisher on 07739 646131.  The conference is on Friday 21st September in Kendal and costs £50, discounted to £45 for bookings before 1st August.

Make the most of this great value opportunity – book now for a fantastic day of practical learning with Cumbria Coaching Network. Whether you’re an employee, manager, or business leader, you’re sure to leave buzzing with positive and dynamic ideas to make your organisation a happy and inspiring place to work!

Please share the news of this upcoming event with any friends or colleagues who may be interested in attending or sending representatives – thank you!

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