60 new things to do now I’m 60

As I had a big birthday recently, my husband suggested I make a list of sixty new things to do now I’m sixty – there’s a challenge!

Reviving my neglected blog doesn’t count as a new thing, but I thought committing a few ideas to paper might help – as a friend pointed out, if I intend to do them all before next birthday, I’d better get my skates on!  Here’s a few ideas I have already, but I need your suggestions – the only criteria is that they should be fun and fulfilling.

Creative Fun – Tell stories at Whitby Folk Festival, create a songs and stories show with the fabulous Jamie Cook to perform at Staveley Folk Weekend in August, perform songs with a choir, learn to play my baritone ukulele . . .

New Skills – Learn (a few words!) of a new language, make something on a potter’s wheel, be an Airbnb host, master some hula hoop tricks  . . .

Outdoor Fun – climb a new mountain, swim in a new lake, canoe somewhere new, do a park run . . .

New places to visit – Slovenia, a Scottish island, Festival at the Edge . . .

Now, over to you – suggestions I’ve had already are skydiving (sorry, not very keen on heights), pole dancing (bit uncoordinated for that), drinking champagne every day (my liver and my bank balance have vetoed that one) and doing an escape room (no idea, but it sounds fun).  Also several suggestions for books I should read, films I should see, bands I should listen to, foods I should try . . .

Will your suggestion make my list?  Let’s see how many I can tick off before next birthday!

6 thoughts on “60 new things to do now I’m 60

  1. Good to see blog up and running again, tick that one off then.Other ideas:
    How about a 5 or 10 mile Fun run or race, building on the running you’re already doing. that would be an amazing achievement having started with a few places on scout scar last year.
    How about a challenge to do with helping vulnerable people such as homeless people at Manna house, or older people at Age concern.
    Sing at the Eagle and Child or Ring o Bells.

  2. So, there is a training centre for historical swordfighting just down the road from us… Just in case you wanted to get something swashbuckling on your list. 😉

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