Life is a Rollercoaster

Ashamed to say it’s over a year since I wrote my last blog post. I had a pause while I got to grips with training for a new job doing health education in schools, then never got round to taking it up again. So in the spirit of an annual ’round robin’ here’s a very brief outline of some of our family’s highs and lows of the past year.

The bad news: In February, my husband Garry got made redundant after 23 years in a job he loved and was brilliant at.

The good news: He’s still doing the work he loves but now he’s the boss – result!

The bad news:  In March, our eldest son Chris injured his knee so badly when out slack-lining (don’t ask) that he now needs an operation to fix it.

laughing-monkey-16660689The good news: An enforced rest period meant he had lots of time to concentrate on studying for the final year of his degree.

Hahahaha just my little joke – I meant he was able to get on with his longtime ambition to take a comedy magic show to the Edinburgh Fringe, the biggest arts festival in the world.

10615993_816089475103197_6426291970961838699_nAnd although there were over three thousand performers to choose from, every single day a crowd piled into Chris’s show until it was bursting at the seams and garnered a clutch of glowing reviews.  Read about his amazing August here.

The bad news: This month, I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine check.

The good news: It’s early stage and very treatable.

The bad news: This time next week I have to say goodbye to a breast that’s led a pretty blameless life and did a good job feeding two babies.CELEBRATING THEIR 4OTH BIRTHDAYS PINKY AND PERKY ARE MAKING A RE

The good news: I get a hi-tech implant built using pigskin, which means my boobs will hereafter be known as Pinky and Perky.

The bad news: Chris has also got an October date for his knee operation, which means I’ll only be chief invalid for a fortnight before my position’s usurped by a drama queen on crutches. Father-Ted-007

The good news: We’ve scored the box set of Father Ted for some post-op laughter therapy 🙂  Any more suggestions for happiness boosts gratefully received!



Poem of the week

A one-line cheering mantra in giant neon letters I saw last week at the Edinburgh Museum of Modern Art. _48669907_creed_466 (2) - Copy

11 thoughts on “Life is a Rollercoaster

  1. Lovely to have your blog back with us. I knew you would bob back up again with it, and how amazing that you do this at such a challenging time for you and your family.
    And typical that your eyes would fall on that cheering mantra so hang on in there and I’ll see you the other side, complete with Pinky and Perky. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are losing a part of you. And pleased to hear that the most important part – the part of Kay that we know and love – is staying intact: YOUR SPIRIT.

    Best of luck.


  3. Dear Cook family….

    You have actually been in my thoughts recently as I did hear on the grapevine about your upcoming operation… have been meaning to say hi and wish you all the best for the operation….my sister in law has just gone through it and is, as OK as you can be…..they live in the states, so aren’t surrounded by family, which I know must be hard for them. But they are rocking on and my brother sent a photo of himself in Helens new wig, which the 2 girls (aged 6 and 4) have found hilarious!

    I have been working with a group at brathay this week and this morning we did a spot of laughter yoga…as inspired by YOU!! I remembered one of your blogs you wrote after you had been on a laughter yoga course. The group were pretty sleepy and down hearted to start off, but soon got into it and the day started off really well….Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

    Not sure if it would be your thing…..but for fun and giggles the Ricky gervais ‘ an idiot abroad’ series is funny…..made me laugh alot!!!

    Hope the op goes as well as it can and that Garry gets a nurses outfit to wear whilst tending to your every need for the first 2 weeks…??!!! Then you’re right…it will be Chris’s turn to be centre of attention 🙂

    Big love to you….

    Claire and Alec xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Well done you for taking such a positive approach to life’s sturm und drang … You’re a star and wish you all the very best as you start grappling with the ‘C’ word 😉

  5. I had a rough day today and determined to keep upbeat I went out with my camera to lift my spirits. Tonight you have inspired me with your bad news/good news blog to remember to look for the positive even when it seems that there isn’t one. Sending hugs.

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