Small is Beautiful

1582Whenever I watch Glastonbury at home on the telly, I feel rather thankful that I’m getting a better view than the tiny dots at the back of the crowd (and that I have the luxury of indoor plumbing).  However as you know from previous posts, I’m crazy about live music so I love a good festival.  I just prefer the ones where you can be up close and personal with the performers and only have a few yards to crawl to your tent at the end of the night – for me that’s a perfect summer weekend.

The gorgeous weather helped to make two July weekends in a row the pinnacle of happiness for me – Furness Tradition followed by Music on the Marr, both small but perfectly formed events with something for everyone, from soulful tunes to foot-stomping bands with storytelling and dance thrown in for good measure.  I’m sure no big festival can ever match them for warmth and friendliness, and it’s wonderful to have a platform here in Cumbria for young and talented musicians to showcase their skills on the same stage as world-class performers with years of experience.   010

It’s funny how just being in the moment can focus your attention on those moments of joy that are strangely memorable – I had that experience sitting in a pub garden in Ulverston, laughing with my son and some other young friends as we played music and drank beer in the sunshine – this is what life is all about.  A combination of factors – even the Morris dancers who were making us laugh! – conspired to remind me that life is full of simple pleasures, if you take the time to notice them.  We rounded the day off with a swim at our favourite tarn with the young friend we’d just made who was visiting England from her home in Vermont – another reminder of the saying, ‘A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet’.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

What’s your happiest summer moment so far?  Keep your eyes and your hearts open!

6025533100_9c2756b422Poem of the Week

The Happy Virus

I caught the happy virus last night
When I was out singing beneath the stars.
It is remarkably contagious –
So kiss me.

– Hafiz

6 thoughts on “Small is Beautiful

  1. Thanks Kay for re-intoducing us to swimming outdoors earlier in the summer, -Wild swimming- [with a cozzy on!,] tremendous. This has reminded me what a pleasure it is to swim in fresh natural water, particularly when surrounded by our stunning Cumbrian Lakes countryside. This week we have swum in the pools above Rydal beck, accompanied by cuddly looking herdwick sheep, and yesterday in Red tarn under Helvellyn, really haopiness inducing. [Health and safety warnings apply]. In my case carrying a few extra pounds is excellent for coping with cold water.
    Thanks for the blog Kay, enjoy your next festivals.

    • Can’t beat it, sounds brilliant! Those pools above Rydal are great, one of Chris’s favourite haunts (lots of opportunities for jumping off rocks and generally showing off!!)

  2. Kay, ‘Small is beautiful’ reminds me of a great moment for me this year. My wife and I attended my daughter’s school open evening, Zara’s 8. The teacher was full of praise for Zara, top effort and ability scores all round, gets it from her mum! Whilst that was all great to hear, the moment for me was when reading her exercise book, under the title ‘The best thing about my weekend was…’ were the words ‘HUGS WITH MY DADDY’. As you say, ‘Small is beautiful’.

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