An Attitude of Gratitude

Holiday travels have meant it’s been a long time since I posted, but here I sit on a dismal Bank Holiday Monday, gazing out at the torrential rain and feeling bereft of ideas.  My son’s left home and I miss him, it looks like autumn’s here before we’ve had a proper summer, and I’ve got a blog to write but no inspiration . . .

Distracting myself with Facebook, I notice a friend has posted this picture. I can’t help but smile – now there’s a challenge!

I check my e-mails and read my Daily Inspiration from Robert Holden: ‘Today is just another normal day full of miracles, gifts, and opportunities.’

Really?  Funnily enough the next e-mail promises me a gift – a link to a fascinating TED talk from a games designer who created a healing video game after suffering a severe concussion.  It included the idea of ‘power-ups’ – any little thing which can make us feel good – even something as simple as cuddling a pet or going for a walk.  It’s a useful reminder that positive action beats positive thinking hands down, so I resolve to put on my waterproof and brave the elements – after all it has been said that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing (possibly by someone who didn’t live in the Lake District).

When I get back to the computer, slightly damp but energised, the first thing I see is a message from Action for Happiness, sharing an article from Psychology Today on the effects that gratitude has on sleep.  It reminds us of the benefits of adding a few things to a gratitude journal each evening, in order to have positive thoughts as you drift off.

So I guess the universe is telling me what the focus of today’s blog should be!  Time to give thanks for today’s ordinary miracles, gifts and opportunities . . . in the words of the late great Ian Dury, here’s a few of my reasons to be cheerful.

  1. Social networking . . . thanks for giving me a few nudges today and connecting me to  some encouraging people near and far.
  2. Friends . . . old and new.  Tonight we are meeting up again with two lovely people from Germany, who we got talking to by chance last year when they were on their annual  visit to our town.  As the saying goes, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet . . .
  3. Music . . . we’re taking them to our favourite Monday night session so songs, stories and laughter will be guaranteed.
  4. Family . . . we may take them for granted sometimes but we sure do miss them when they’re not around.  And it’s all the sweeter when they come to visit . . .
  5. The rain . . . after all, it fills the lakes and gives us views like this to enjoy.

So that’s my five to be going on with – hope I sleep well.  What are your reasons to be cheerful?

Poem of the week


Thanks to the ear
that someone may hear

Thanks to seeing
that someone may see

Thanks to feeling
that someone may feel

Thanks to touch
that one may be touched

Thanks to flowering of white moon
and spreading shawl of black night
holding villages and cities together

James Berry 

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