Life is a Rollercoaster

Ashamed to say it’s over a year since I wrote my last blog post. I had a pause while I got to grips with training for a new job doing health education in schools, then never got round to taking it up again. So in the spirit of an annual ’round robin’ here’s a very brief outline of some of our family’s highs and lows of the past year.

The bad news: In February, my husband Garry got made redundant after 23 years in a job he loved and was brilliant at.

The good news: He’s still doing the work he loves but now he’s the boss – result!

The bad news:  In March, our eldest son Chris injured his knee so badly when out slack-lining (don’t ask) that he now needs an operation to fix it.

laughing-monkey-16660689The good news: An enforced rest period meant he had lots of time to concentrate on studying for the final year of his degree.

Hahahaha just my little joke – I meant he was able to get on with his longtime ambition to take a comedy magic show to the Edinburgh Fringe, the biggest arts festival in the world.

10615993_816089475103197_6426291970961838699_nAnd although there were over three thousand performers to choose from, every single day a crowd piled into Chris’s show until it was bursting at the seams and garnered a clutch of glowing reviews.  Read about his amazing August here.

The bad news: This month, I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine check.

The good news: It’s early stage and very treatable.

The bad news: This time next week I have to say goodbye to a breast that’s led a pretty blameless life and did a good job feeding two babies.CELEBRATING THEIR 4OTH BIRTHDAYS PINKY AND PERKY ARE MAKING A RE

The good news: I get a hi-tech implant built using pigskin, which means my boobs will hereafter be known as Pinky and Perky.

The bad news: Chris has also got an October date for his knee operation, which means I’ll only be chief invalid for a fortnight before my position’s usurped by a drama queen on crutches. Father-Ted-007

The good news: We’ve scored the box set of Father Ted for some post-op laughter therapy 🙂  Any more suggestions for happiness boosts gratefully received!



Poem of the week

A one-line cheering mantra in giant neon letters I saw last week at the Edinburgh Museum of Modern Art. _48669907_creed_466 (2) - Copy