Embracing the Empty Nest

My younger son left home four months ago. 🙁 Time for some positive thinking! 🙂

  • He’s on cloud nine living with his clever and talented girlfriend.
  • He’s moved to Edinburgh, my favourite city – yet another good reason to visit.
  • Free sofa bed during the Fringe – whoop whoop!

Sigh . . . that’s enough of that, we all know that true happiness requires honesty, and the honest truth is that I miss him terribly. I miss hearing him singing and playing his wonderful music in the next room while I’m cooking.  I miss his enthusiastic book recommendations (and yes, I promise I’ll read The Picture of Dorian Gray).  I miss the way he always kept his bedroom spotlessly clean and tidy.*  And while Edinburgh may be only three hours away, that’s three hours too far to pop round for a coffee – and it’s still in a foreign country isn’t it?    Continue reading