Key Learnings from The Coaching for Happiness Conference

And what a fantastic day we had at Cumbria Coaching Network‘s annual conference!  Thanks to all who came along and took part so enthusiastically in our range of workshops.  It’s a tense moment for any organisers of a long-awaited event when their preparations and planning are over and the participants start to arrive . . . so I’m delighted to report that the day surpassed our expectations and was memorable for all the right reasons.

I’ll reflect on the Happiness from Within workshop I co-presented with Beth Curl of Hyproformance and the therapeutic benefits of laughter yoga with Keith Adams of Laughter Aspirations in a later post – for now I’ll focus on what I learnt from our keynote presenter Henry Stewart, CEO of Happy Ltd and author of The Happy Manifesto.

Henry Stewart

Henry’s workshop was inspiring and energising, and challenged our thinking on some of the conventional structures, cultures and procedures of organisations with humour and playfulness.  It was so refreshing to think ‘outside of the box’ and see the audience engage readily in a lively debate on the topic of workplace happiness.  Although some of Henry’s principles may seem unorthodox, the fact that they are grounded in his own real-life practical experience of growing an effective, productive and profitable business meant that the examples he shared with us were really meaningful.     Continue reading

Don’t miss the Coaching for Happiness Conference – coming soon!

I can’t believe it’s September already, so I wanted to give you a quick reminder of our exciting event happening this month on Friday September 21st – now less than three weeks away!

Cumbria Coaching Network‘s annual conference will take place in Kendal and our theme this year is Happiness – so what are you waiting for?  Come and join us for a day of inspiring and interactive workshops on the themes of personal and workplace happiness, stress management and developing resilience, with international speaker, author and business leader Henry Stewart as our very special guest.     Continue reading