Welcome to The Happiness Kit Bag

Hello, I’m Kay Cook – happy to meet you!

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag – here’s a new kit bag stuffed full of tips, ideas, and support to help you release the power of happiness in yourself and others.  And happiness matters – find out why here.  

I’m a coach, trainer and facilitator with a special interest in health, happiness and wellbeing.  Please visit my pages to find out more about me and the professional services I can offer to individuals, groups and organisations.

Having conversations about things that really matter is important to me.  One of the aims of this blog is to have a forum to share my thoughts on happiness and to hear back from you so that we can create a whole kit bag of ideas, tips and personal experiences which can benefit us all.  It was inspired by this quotation from Robert Holden in his book Happiness Now:

‘Nothing in the world can make you happy; everything in the world can encourage you to be happy’.

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